Our Services

Counselling and Advice

If you are planning to study abroad, come and see Interstudy! Our dedicated education advisors will provide advice on career counselling, course selection, choice of institution, location, scholarships and financial advice to suit your individual priorities and needs.

Universities' Applications

Once you've submitted your application(s) to the university or college of your choice, Interstudy will request a fast admission response and credit exemptions, (if you are applying to transfer).

Accommodation Arrangements

You will receive your acceptance letter after a successful application process. Interstudy will assist you to apply for on and off-campus accommodation close to your university or college.

Visa Application

Interstudy will advise you, and brief you thoroughly on the preparations necessary for your Student Visa application, and will assist you every step of the way to ensure your visa application is successful.

Pre-departure Briefing

You and your parents will be invited to an exclusive Pre-departure briefing session organized by your university or college, 1-2 months before your departure date. This briefing will be attended by university representatives and alumni, giving you and your parents the opportunity to exchange information, and ask any questions you may have.

Airport Send Off

Interstudy will organize the flight ticketing arrangements for students to travel in groups, sometimes with senior students guiding them to their university destination. This is to ensure the well-being of those students who might be afraid of travelling alone for the first time, and providing welcome relief to worried parents.

Airport Pick Up Arrangements

Upon arrival at your destination, you will be met at the airport and transported to your accommodation, which is arranged by the university through Interstudy.

Visiting Students

Interstudy makes regular visits to students at their universities for updates and feedback, and to ensure that students are progressing well in their courses.