Who Are We?

Established since year 2000, Interstudy Education Consultants offers reliable and professional advice on further studies abroad and locally to aspiring Malaysians.

Our Philosophy

Serve parents and students by providing sound and accurate advice
Warm and personal service that comes straight from our hearts

Why Choose Us?

We understand the enormous benefits of a global education.
We identify and understand both the student's and parent's needs, with respect to global education.
We assist everyone involved - students, parents, sponsors - to select the most appropriate learning institutions for the best study results.
We provide the best support services to all our students - from the moment you speak to us to the moment you step foot into the university of your choice. Absolutely free.

Links to Institutions

Consultation for University & Application

* If you do not find the university of your desire on our list, please do contact us as our list might not be at its most updated version.

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United States & Canada

Australia & New Zealand

Ireland & Other Countries

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