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Interstudy Education Consultants has offered reliable and professional advice on study abroad opportunities to Malaysians for the past 14 years. Its first office in Penang, Northern Malaysia was established in the year 2000 as a partnership, and in November 2014 incorporated as a Sdn. Bhd. Interstudy is headed by partners Felicia Tan and Lee Lee. Combined, they have over 30 years of experience in overseas education advisory services, in addition to a professional and reliable team of well-trained Education Advisors.

In line with Interstudy’s expansion plans and to cope with the demands of student...


Interstudy’s philosophy for success is simple. We serve parents and students by providing sound and accurate advice, from a down-to-earth perspective. The knowledge we provide is based on having visited our partner institutions, constant updates on new developments, and visiting the students we have placed at their respective universities to monitor and ensure their well-being and academic progress. Our practices and genuine concern for the success of our students is a major contributer to the success of Interstudy.

Today, we are one of the leading Study Abroad Agencies in Malaysia, and a lot of...


Interstudy strongly believes that “Your Education is our TOP Priority”. We focus on student’s welfare first and are fully committed to help you choose a Course, and place you in the RIGHT Institution! So Interstudy’s mission is to help you discover your potential, and open up a world of possibilities to you by:

  • To educate prospective students on the enormous benefits of a global education.
  • Identifying and understanding both students and parents’ needs, with respect to global education.
  • To assist everyone involved, students, parents and sponsors, to select ...
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    • We understand our students needs and requirements
    • We liaise with leading learning institutions

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