At Newcastle University, UK

Thank you so much for all the help that you’ve given me, especially Angie and Felicia. Thank you for being patient and helping me during my application process and also helping me to solve any difficulty I encountered. It must have been hard having me as a client (LOL), what with my endless enquiries and pestering you guys when I’m worked up and anxious over my university applications.

For that, I’m both apologetic and grateful words cannot describe how grateful I am for having you put up with my (possibly irritating) antics over the past year! You have given me insightful advice when I’m in a dilemma, which no doubt would have been a great help through the years of my tertiary education. Also, thank you very much for helping me in my visa application, because lord knows how frazzled I will be over it (with me being a lazy burn)!

It has been great knowing you, and I wish Interstudy all the best!