• My name is Yong Onn Lim and I’m currently studying at OSU, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I was in the AUP program in INTI and managed to transfer most of my credits to OSU for the 2014 Fall term. I chose OSU because it’s highly ranked for its engineering programs. In addition, Oregon is such a beautiful place, full of nature’s beauty and is amongst the safest in the States, both in terms of crime rate as well as natural disasters.

    InterStudy provided me a lot of guidance throughout the application process and prepared me well for my trip to the US. The lovely ladies at InterStudy are ever so pleasant, prompt and never shy away from following up on any open questions. I am truly blessed to have had their guidance.

    Yong Oon Lim

    at Oregon State University, USA

  • When I first decided to take my life a step further and went abroad to pursue my degree in one of Australia’s university, life there did not quite work out the way I had ideally planned. At that time I was lost and didn’t know what to do and it is also at that time my parents met Ms Felicia from InterStudy. She offered me an alternative which is to complete my degree in the UK and I took it.

    Along with other InterStudy consultants, Ms Felicia kindly advised and helped me through the applications, the UK Visa and other relevant documents. And then a year passed and 2014 marks the year I’ve completed my honours degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Education matters aside, I was able to enjoy the vibrant and multicultural city of Manchester as well as few other places of the UK, not to mention most of the Europe countries are just one cheap airfare away. I’ll soon be pursuing my Master’s in Queen’s Belfast University which is one of UK Russell Group University, all of these wouldn’t be possible without the help from InterStudy and of course my parents. It is truly a blessing in disguise.

    Meeting InterStudy is without a doubt a life changing event for me. You guys changed my life in a way you couldn’t have possibly imagined, think of goals in life as a destination, to some, the destination is all that matters but to me the journey itself is the destination. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for walking the journey with me and also to all the support and help you had unwaveringly gave. Not to mention your expertise in handling applications is simply remarkable. I would like to end here by wishing InterStudy all the very best in the future.

    Low Tse Chiat Stephan

    at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

  • Studying abroad is a challenging yet enjoyable experience. I got the chance to know people from other countries and more importantly to learn and understand their cultures. At MMU, lecturers often share their valuable experience and knowledge in engineering field. In general, studying overseas enhanced my understanding and communication skill when dealing with people from different backgrounds.

    Interstudy Education Consultants offers reliable and professional advice on study abroad opportunities, from university application to accommodation arrangements, Visa application to airport send off, Interstudy did them all. Sometimes they might even visit students abroad. Interstudy always provide up-to-date information and assisted my parents and I in furthering my studies at MMU. Besides, Interstudy keeps in touch with the students even though they are abroad. Interstudy often updates about their status and study opportunities via social network. I would recommend Interstudy as the right education consultant because I believe they care about student’s future.

    Goh Yi Shyan

    at Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Hi all, I'm an engineering student studying in the University of Wolverhampton. It was great to study here and I'm very thankful that Interstudy helped me up a lot. Not only before the application, even after I'm in the University. When I faced problem, just give them a call and they'll just help me up to solve all the problems. It was great to have them going through with me during this University period. Thank you very much Interstudy!!!

    Jeremy Goh

    University of Wolverhampton, UK

  • My name is Billy Khoo. I’m a first year student studying Petroleum Engineering at Uni of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a lovely city with nice environment, fresh air and friendly people. At UoP, I met friends from different cultures and countries. I am so grateful that I came to Interstudy Penang last year and seek assistance and professional advice from them. Thank you Interstudy Penang! #work hard #play harder #UniLife

    Billy Khoo

    at University of Portsmouth, UK

  • I am studying Bachelor in Business (Event Management) at LaTrobe University, Melbourne. Thanks to Interstudy whom had assisted me a lot while seeking for maximum credits transfer.

    I want to Thank Felicia and the rest of the team, Ms Poo and Angie for their guidance and assistance throughout my application. I wish all the best to the entire team. Services provided was extremely superb. I had been guided step by step; from application to offer acceptance, visa procedures, pre-arrival and until today still following up and keep in-touch with alumni. I am very much appreciated with their professionalism. Highly recommended for the people out there that need guidance.


    at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia

  • InterStudy’s service is the best I’ve ever experienced so far compared to other education advisors! They provided me with good advice on my University choices and helped me with the application to Queen’s University Belfast. The consultants are friendly and very helpful too! They explained everything in detail and gladly answered every question that I had.

    When I was having trouble enrolling at university, InterStudy did their best to help me solve the problem! I will recommend InterStudy’s services to all my friends if they plan to further their studies overseas! You won’t regret it!

    I wish InterStudy great prosperity and for them to continue providing this great service to all students planning to study oversea! Thank you InterStudy!

    Lee Wooi Kent

    At Queen’s University of Belfast, Sep’08

  • I furthered my BEng(Hons) Mechatronic Engineering course at Staffordshire University. The atmosphere at Staffordshire was friendly and they are one of the most well equipped universities I have come across. With over 2,000 + computers, well-equipped specialist laboratories/studios, sports hall and a multitude of student clubs. Laboratories and technology centers are updated with the latest software and hardware, which help keep students abreast with technological developments in their respective industries. In addition, most of lecturers and working staff are friendly, kind and helpful. With some advice from my agent, Interstudy, making the choice to apply for the university was easy. The combination of quality teaching staff and up-to-date resources allowed me to further accelerate my learning and enjoy my studies.

    Living and studying in the United Kingdom has been an enriching experience ; in addition to exposing myself to a different culture from which I come from, I am able to explore the rest of Europe – which by itself is a huge cauldron of cultures, seasons , and lifestyles all differing from country to country.

    I highly recommend Interstudy as the agent of choice if you wish to study in the UK. They have done an excellent job in helping me secure a place at Staffordshire University. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the people at Interstudy who made all this possible: Ms Poo, Ms Felicia as well as Ms Dorothy – Thank you for the excellent job! Keep up the good work!

    Wei Lun, Darren

    Staffordshire University - Sept’09

  • Yes, I am finally in UK...I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee Lee& Felicia(InterStudy) for helping me to fulfil my dream of furthering my studies at Brunel University. Despite of all the hassles and strict procedures during my visa applications, course selection as well as financial aid application, you guys really were a big help to me.

    Once again thank you, Brunel University is a great place and life is really easy due to its campus size ( Trust me on this, if you studied at some big campus university before).

    The HSBC bank, lecture hall, Medical Centre, library etc, they are all just a stone’s throw away from my hall of residence. The nearest two cities which are Hillington and Uxbridge, they are just about 1 mile away from campus(walking distance about 20 minutes). At Brunel, you can spend less(compared to Central London) yet, get to live in the vicinity of London! This is what’s so fun and special about its location. Tube to London is only 45 minutes and costs less than £7(two ways).

    My course (Automotive&Motorsport Engineering) is fun. We have paid to have a real toy to play with. Which is the opportunity to build a formula one student car!Thank you InterStudy!

    Louis Cheng Hao Qian

    Brunel University, West London, Sep ‘08

  • I would like to say “Thank you” once again to you and Miss Felicia for helping me all the way to study at Brunel University. Both of you are really a great partner to work with. After Michelle told me about her agent, I was so glad to have you rather than anyone else.

    Your efficiency has won over other agents that I know of. If I were to have other friends who would like to further their studies in UK, I will surely introduce them to you!

    Do take care and keep in touch always.

    Grace Seow Lay Cheng

    Brunel University, West London, Sep ‘08