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Brunel University, West London, Sep ‘08

Louis Cheng Hao Qian: “Yes, I am finally in UK…I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee Lee& Felicia(InterStudy) for helping me to fulfil my dream of furthering my studies at Brunel University. Despite of all the hassles and strict procedures during my visa applications, course selection as well as financial aid application, you guys really were a big help to me.

Once again thank you, Brunel University is a great place and life is really easy due to its campus size ( Trust me on this, if you studied at some big campus university before […]

Brunel University, West London, Sep ‘08

Grace Seow Lay Cheng: “I would like to say “Thank you” once again to you and Miss Felicia for helping me all the way to study at Brunel University. Both of you are really a great partner to work with. After Michelle told me about her agent, I was so glad to have you rather than anyone else.

Your efficiency has won over other agents that I know of. If I were to have other friends who would like to further their studies in UK, I will surely introduce them to you!

Do take care and keep in touch always […]