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At Newcastle University, UK

Thank you so much for all the help that you’ve given me, especially Angie and Felicia. Thank you for being patient and helping me during my application process and also helping me to solve any difficulty I encountered. It must have been hard having me as a client (LOL), what with my endless enquiries and pestering you guys when I’m worked up and anxious over my university applications.

For that, I’m both apologetic and grateful words cannot describe how grateful I am for having you put up with my (possibly irritating) antics over the past year! You […]

At DIFC in Dublin

After I completed my SPM, I went to study science foundation in DIFC in Dublin which suggested by Interstudy. The staff in DIFC are really nice and helpful especially Sylvia. I like the teaching method of the teachers there. For example, my chemistry teacher, Loraine, she often divides students into groups and discuss the question she gave and she will ask us question again to make sure we really understand the topic she teach. Sometimes, DIFC will organise some competition and activities like football match, photo competition, knowledge contest, trip to Galway and so on. It is very nice for […]

At Dublin International Foundation College

Studying in DIFC has been an amazing experience for me. The tutors and staff here are really friendly and helpful, they are always delighted to answer any questions I have about anything. Of course, without the help of Interstudy Education Consultants introducing me to this college, I wouldn’t have known about the great courses DIFC has to offer. Staying and studying in Dublin has also broadened my perspective in life by encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. Not only it is a city of rich culture and history but also the locals here are extremely nice […]

at Oregon State University, USA

Yong Onn Lim: “My name is Yong Onn Lim and I’m currently studying at OSU, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I was in the AUP program in INTI and managed to transfer most of my credits to OSU for the 2014 Fall term. I chose OSU because it’s highly ranked for its engineering programs. In addition, Oregon is such a beautiful place, full of nature’s beauty and is amongst the safest in the States, both in terms of crime rate as well as natural disasters.

InterStudy provided me a lot of guidance throughout the application process […]

at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Low Tse Chiat Stephan: “When I first decided to take my life a step further, and went abroad to pursue my degree in one of Australia’s universities, life there did not quite work out the way I had initially planned. At that time I was lost and didn’t know what to do and it was at that time my parents met Ms Felicia from InterStudy. She offered me an alternative, which was to complete my degree in the UK, and I took it.Along with other InterStudy consultants, Ms Felicia kindly advised and helped me through the applications […]